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A brand update that counts

Instant Inventory Services

Instant Inventory Service is the upper Midwest’s go-to company for fast and accurate inventories. The company developed one of the first automated inventory systems in the industry. And it’s been perfecting its process ever since.

After 40 years in business, the company wanted its brand and website to reflect all of the changes it’s made and the company it’s become. Our first step was to update the Instant Inventory brand.

The new brand logo accentuates more than just the two letters in Instant Inventory’s name. The circle surrounding the letters represents the company’s complete, 360-degree approach to the inventory process—every item is counted and every detail is meticulously taken care of. The forward motion of the letters illustrates the company’s speed and efficiency.

Next, we gave the website a fresh look. We provided more details on what sets the company’s inventories apart. And we included lots of feedback from their loyal clients.

Jen Kimlinger from Instant Inventories says they’re thrilled with the results.

“Gearbox was fantastic to work with on our rebrand and our website development. They took the time to understand what our company does and took a vested interest in helping us choose a new logo for the future. They presented us with options and reasoning for each logo concept. They were responsive in answering our questions and took the time to meet with us to explain the process. We were given many choices for our website. We chose aspects from the different layouts presented. Our finished website was everything that we had asked for,” says Jen.

If your brand or your website need a refresh, give us a shout.