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Sustainer 2.0

Upgrading to a more meaningful giving experience

The College of Saint Benedict has a special group of supporters known as Sustainers. These philanthropic rock stars provide a predictable powerhouse of monthly funds that are the sustaining force behind scholarships for Bennies.  

Because Sustainers are so critical, when the need arose to transition the program’s data management system to a new platform, Saint Ben’s saw it as an opportunity to upgrade the entire giving experience.

The college asked us to brainstorm ways to enhance the Sustainer giving experience and create a campaign that promoted the program to new and existing donors.

The result is Sustainer 2.0—an enhanced way for donors to plant seeds of hope and growth in future Bennies. Besides the new platform, Sustainer 2.0 offers donors special perks and an opportunity to pay their sustaining support forward.

For every Sustainer who enrolls in a certain timeframe, Saint Ben’s plants a tree on campus. The tree is a symbol of their commitment to cultivating Bennie dreams and their impact on the world.

Our campaign included social media ads and a series of emails with the promotional video below. The artwork used in the campaign was recreated based on a series of postcards designed by a Saint Ben’s alum.

CSB Sustainer Instagram Ad

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