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9 signs you need a website redesign

If you’ve been considering making changes to your website, you probably already know the importance of showing up professionally online. A great website not only attracts your ideal clients but it also converts them into customers. An ineffective website, on the other hand, can repel potential customers and give the wrong impression of your business.

Here are 9 signs you need a website redesign


You’re getting website visitors, but not leads or conversions.

If you’re tracking your webpage visits on Google Analytics or some other analytics tool and finding that you’re getting people to your page but not getting them to take action (like buy now or contact you), it’s probably time to rethink your website strategy.


Your website doesn’t rank on Google.

Have you tried searching for your business or your related services on Google only to find yourself on page 2 (or worse)? A site that is poorly indexed and not search engine optimized in both text and image content will struggle to show up near the top in searches.


Your website is not mobile optimized.

Over half of all website traffic occurs on mobile devices. If your website is not mobile optimized—the design and elements don’t resize to display nicely on a phone or tablet— you’re giving a poor first impression to the majority of your website visitors.


Your webpages take a long time to load.

The most common reason websites take too long to load is due to large images and motion graphics. If not properly added to— and optimized for—your site, this can frustrate your website visitors and they’ll probably close the window instead of waiting for your content to appear.


Your potential clients can’t find what they need.

If you or your staff have ever clicked around your website looking for “that one PDF you know you uploaded somewhere,” chances are your potential customers aren’t finding it either. It’s important to make the process of doing business with you online as simple as possible, because no one wants to waste time figuring out who you are, what you offer or how to buy.


The design looks dated (and not in a fun, retro way).

If your website design simply looks dated, whether it was done long ago, you chose a “trendy” (at the time) design, or you went with an oversimplified and overused template, you may be turning off visitors. A dated design communicates that you don’t care about your brand aesthetics and overall user experience, which you very much do!


Your messaging is outdated and inaccurate.

Most companies create their website and then forget about it for long periods of time. Before they know it, their website messaging no longer aligns with who they are, what they offer or who they offer it to. Inaccurate messaging on your website will attract the wrong people–or none at all. What’s more, stale content does nothing to help your SEO.


Your website lacks strategy.

If your website isn’t converting leads, you may have overlooked some critical strategy elements. An effective website is not a digital brochure–it should be a full-time sales machine for your business. Each page should have a clear call-to-action button and could also feature a digital freebie (think downloadable PDF, blog subscription or webinar) to attract leads and build up an email list.


You’re embarrassed by your current website.

If you’re embarrassed by your company’s website, you’re not alone. Many businesses are reluctant to send anyone to their site because it no longer represents the essence of their brand.

If any of these struck a chord, it’s time for an update. Not every website needs a complete overhaul. You may simply need to focus on more effective messaging, optimize existing content and images, or create stronger calls to action. If the problems are more extensive, it’s best to start over with a more strategic approach.

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