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Brewing a brand

Pantown Brewing Company

In 2018, Pantown Brewing Company opened its doors in St. Cloud, introducing a new line of tasty craft beers. Owner Marty Czech and founder Noel Johnson wanted to honor the legacy of Samuel Pandolfo, who founded the Pan Motor Company in 1917. Pandolfo produced 735 Pan cars between 1917-1919 on the city’s north side, which is still known as Pantown.

The Pantown team asked us to create a series of crowler labels for five of its most popular craft beers. They wanted several of the labels to carry an art deco look that’s a signature of the early 1900s. And, they asked that two of the labels have a more personalized touch.

We worked with local illustrator, Cy Cords, to bring Pantown’s intentions to life.

Drop Forge Milk Stout, 1917 IPA, Classic Cream Ale, and Bluemound Road carry the sleek, geometric look indicative of the art deco style. Bluemound Road features illustrations of the two founders and Pantown’s Head Brewer, Nick Flies, positioned in the iconic Abbey Road pose. Sweet Dreams Rotator reflects the dreamlike world of Alice in Wonderland, with the Mad Hatter bearing fruit and the fruits of Pantown’s labor—a foamy glass of craft brew.

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