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Case Study


AAF of Central Minnesota
Judge’s Choice

Crowler Packaging and Posters

Project Overview

The Pantown Brewing Company honors the legacy of Samuel Pandolfo, who founded the Pan Motor Company in 1917 in north St. Cloud, just blocks from where the brewery is now located. 

The Pantown Brewing team asked us to create a series of crowler labels for five of its most popular craft beers. Four of the labels were to carry a more stark art deco look, which was indicative of the early 1900s. Two of the labels were to have a more personalized feel. We worked with local illustrator, Cy Cords, to bring Pantown’s visions to life.

Bluemound Road features illustrated profiles of Pantown’s founders and head brewer in the iconic Abbey Road pose. Sweet Dreams Rotator takes a more dreamlike approach by featuring the characters of Alice in Wonderland. The posters won an American Advertising Federation Judge’s Choice Award.

What we did

Effective packaging should evoke a feeling about the brand, while serving a functional purpose. We want the user to soak in the experience and embrace the essence of the brand, without having to work too hard to understand it.