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AAF of Central Minnesota
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Promotional Campaign

The challenge

When Gary Marsden and Dave Marquardt started a small typewriter and furniture company named Marco in 1973, business “technology” consisted mostly of paper and ink. At the time, they had no idea that their small St. Cloud company would ride the cusp of changing technology for the next four decades and become one of the top service providers in the nation. 

Marco attributes its phenomenal success to knowing exactly what business technology needs to become the best version of itself. The company wanted to create a campaign that captures Marco’s role as technology cheerleader, counselor and BFF. It also wanted to give technology a more personalized feel.

The solution

We started with a question. If technology could talk, what would it say? The answer was an integrated campaign that gave business IT a voice … and a chair from which to tell its story. The print, digital and outdoor campaign features servers, printers and other types of technology revealing how Marco’s expertise and support enables them to live their best lives. The colorful graphics and tongue-in-cheek messaging transform a typically no-nonsense and complex topic into a personal experience that leaves the audience connecting more fully with the product and the provider.  

What we did
Campaign Strategy
Print Advertising
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Patty Funk
Vice President of Marketing

“Gearbox always takes the time to understand our business and marketing goals. The concepts they provided for our recent branding campaign were outstanding and communicate an effective message, both in the visuals and the copy. We value our strong partnership and the fun and professional image they help Marco portray.”