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Earlier this year, the Great River Children’s Museum selected Gearbox to develop a new brand identity. The first step was creating a logo that aligned with the museum’s mission. The museum wanted its brand to evoke feelings of creativity, fun, inspiration, inclusion and wonder. It also wanted to tie in the museum’s connection to the river and give a nod to the natural world and nature-based experiences, as those would likely play an important role in the museum’s exhibits and activities.





The logo we created features big, bold letters that mimic the shape and feel of building blocks. The blocks incorporate fun, colorful patterns to add depth and interest. The patterns include natural elements such as the river, foliage and layers of the earth. The space inside the blocks can also serve as a versatile canvas to display other elements, patterns or even photography.

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“The Great River Children’s Museum enjoyed going through the branding process with Gearbox. Their team listened to our vision for a playful design that incorporated natural elements. The designs they created captured that well. We are thrilled with the final product, the responsiveness we’ve experienced working with them, and the feedback we’ve already received after the launch.”

Sara McKeever, Great River Children’s Museum Board Member

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