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Falcon National Poster


This spring, Falcon National Bank came to us with a challenge. It was merging five banks in five different locations and needed to get the word out—quickly. Three of the banks were taking on the Falcon name and all of the banks were undergoing big changes in their core technology. Though the changes would bring customers a host of new online banking capabilities and expanded benefits, they could also create lots of questions. Falcon wanted our help spreading the word, easing concerns, and creating excitement where excitement was due.




We created an awareness campaign that introduced the merger and walked customers through the process. The campaign included posters, t-shirts, online graphics, and a comprehensive Welcome Brochure that gave customers a product-by-product snapshot of all of the new changes.   


Falcon National T-shirt
Falcon National Landing Page


The campaign came together at an accelerated pace without a hitch. 


Gearbox was a very important partner in making our merger campaign a success,” said Rebecca Kempenich, Falcon VP of Marketing. “This high-profile project required a series of well-timed and detail-oriented pieces. My first choice for concepting, copywriting, and design was Gearbox. Their experience helped shape the creative process and develop critical customer-centric communication pieces that eloquently and effectively provided important transition information and hit the mark with key deliverables. As always, their work was second to none.”