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Dragonfly Strength


Anyone who lives in the midwest knows mosquitoes are a harsh reality of summer. Our client  developed an innovative way to change that. But not with stinky sprays or harsh lawn chemicals. This eco-friendly entrepreneur created an organic solution. But, before the company could take its mosquito elimination process to market, it needed a name and logo. Our client wanted the brand to convey a combination of strength (the mosquito larvae don’t have a chance) and gentleness (the organic solution is safe for humans and the environment).     




We chose the name Dragonfly because dragonflies are a natural predator of mosquitoes. Dragonflies are also a quaint symbol of summer, evoking a natural, environmentally friendly feel. The logo features a bold, rounded font to capture the strength and grace of the dragonfly. We incorporated a shield to signify protection and a star to represent the mosquito. We used dual shades of green to reflect the organic properties of the product.


Dragonfly Logo
Dragonfly Home Page


The response to the new look in its various applications has been positive:


I had worked with three other resources to create my brand prior to engaging with Gearbox, and none of the results met my standards. Gearbox hit the nail on the head and exceeded the level of quality I envisioned. Their team took my complex service and created a powerful brand with easy-to-understand messaging. Their ability to fine-tune the strategy and messaging was invaluable to me. They’re easy to work with and great at what they do! I’m so proud of the branding work they’ve created.”


Dragonfly Illustration