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Case Study

College of
Saint Benedict / Saint John’s

AAF of Central Minnesota
Judge’s Choice

Recruitment Campaign

Project Overview 

The College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University have a unique thing going. Students who enroll in either college get a two-for-one deal on their education. They have full access to both campuses. You won’t find this kind of educational partnership anywhere else. The colleges asked us to develop a recruitment campaign that communicates this unique benefit to prospective students. We created College². 

The foundational design of the campaign features iconic buildings from both campuses dressed in a red overlay, which is the primary brand color of both schools. Secondary messaging of the campaign promotes Academics², Athletics², and so on. The campaign debuts a new institution font that’s bold and less formal, and it leans heavily on bright, engaging photos that help tell the story of this match made in heaven.

What we did
Campaign Strategy

Sara McKeever
Great River Children’s Museum Board Member

“The Great River Children’s Museum enjoyed going through the branding process with Gearbox. Their team listened to our vision for a playful design that incorporated natural elements. The designs they created captured that well. We are thrilled with the final product, the responsiveness we’ve experienced working with them, and the feedback we’ve already received after the launch.”