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“Why Gearbox?”

By: gearboxfc

by Sara Mohs

Those are the words my mother-in-law whispers to herself as she’s falling asleep at night.

“Gearbox?” she asked when I told her the name. “How will people remember it? How will they know it’s not a car shop?”

“If you’re good, people will remember,” I assured her as I cut her an extra-large slice of pie. “And, if it doesn’t work out, then we have the car thing in our back pocket.”

(I threw in that last part just to ease her mind. The truth is, most of us know nothing about cars. This is the only thing we’re really good at.)

Choosing the right name wasn’t easy. It took longer than we anticipated and our list of possible names extended much longer than we’d like to admit. (At one point, there were only three words in the English language that weren’t on our list.) But, eventually, a few strong contenders made their way to the top of the pile. We liked Brand Junkies, Stoke, Dark Horse, and Sprocket. And, I made a fair case for Pretty Good Design (as a tip of the hat to Garrison Keillor), but Glenn never warmed up to it.

And, there was one other name that kept popping up: Gearbox. It captured all of the elements that define great creative work. It was functional. It converted energy into motion. It transformed creative brainpower into a force that engages customers, shifts perceptions, and accelerates growth. It fit.

Of course, St. Cloud Advertising (as my mother-in-law suggested) would have been a fine choice, too. But, we decided to go with our gut on this one. And back it up with work that makes Gearbox a name our clients want to remember.

If you’re looking for sales-revving work from a team who’ll keep your best interests in mind, contact us. We’d love to introduce ourselves…and serve you up a sweeter slice of the pie.