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Why investing in a copywriter is a brilliant idea for your brand.

By: Gearbox Functional Creative

Have you ever left a meeting with brilliant ideas and realized you don’t have the bandwidth to make them a reality? If those brilliant ideas start with creating great content, you may try leaning on internal employees to make it happen. But if those employees have their own workload to focus on … or if they’re not skilled at creating engaging content, your brilliant ideas either don’t come to fruition or they end up as a limp version of your grand intentions.

Investing in quality copywriting can bring ideas to life, tell your story, help with SEO, and be your brand’s best sales person. Keep reading to learn why outsourcing an experienced copywriter is a brilliant idea for your brand.

You’ll have a dedicated resource who’ll get things done

Every marketer or business owner would love having a messaging strategist on speed dial. When you outsource to an experienced copywriter, you have an expert resource to lean on. You don’t have to assign writing to internal resources who don’t have the time or the skills. Instead, you have an experienced problem solver who can typically create the content quicker and with a more engaging message. This allows your ideas, projects, and go-to-market strategy to be executed more effectively and on time. And it allows your internal resources to focus on what they do best.

Two words: content marketing

Content marketing is all the rage … but why? We live in a world where “google search” is a resource for every problem or question we have. Is your brand there to help solve them? Content marketing is all about developing content on your website or through social media that will engage your brand’s target market. For example, let’s say your business sells tennis shoes. One of the most common questions searched is, “how to wash tennis shoes?” Content developed, written, and shared on this topic will help people remember your shoe business as a helpful brand that just solved a problem for them. In the process, it may draw them to take a closer look at your product line.

Having an experienced copywriter develop content for your business helps ensure your topics are relevant and on-brand and your content keeps your audience scrolling.

Grow your SEO

Having content on your website and blog loaded with keywords and crafted around key search terms can help your website rank higher in search results. As you may know, playing the SEO game can be challenging, but great content will only help give your online presence a boost. An experienced copywriter will help you implement SEO best practices and carefully craft content that’s written to help improve your ranking.

Consistency, consistency, consistency

Your brand’s voice sets the tone and authenticity of your business. When done right it engages your audience, connects them deeper to your brand and, ultimately, leads to them to purchasing your products or services. Having consistency in the way you “speak” to your audience develops brand recognition and loyalty. An experienced copywriter will ensure your language is consistent across all areas of marketing — and as a bonus — will craft it to be more meaningful to your audience.

A new perspective

When you live and breathe your brand and business every day, it can be challenging to come up with new ideas and fresh perspectives. An experienced copywriter can help you see your marketing challenges from a different angle and add a new and creative spin to your marketing strategy. That keeps content fresh for your audience.

To bring your brilliant ideas to life, tell a more engaging story, boost your SEO, and give your brand voice more meaning, contact us. We have the copywriting experience to make it happen.