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Driving home Marco’s transit campaign

Marco Technologies

When Marco purchased Phillips Office Solutions in 2018, it brought on a successful East Coast provider of copiers, printers and document management solutions. During its 78-year history, Phillips expanded to 10 offices in Pennsylvania and Maryland and garnered a large, loyal base of customers. Though the company’s name had changed, Marco wanted to assure its East Coast customers that their local tech experts hadn’t gone anywhere.

Marco asked us to create a transit campaign for central PA reassuring customers that Marco is still their local technology provider. Marco wanted the campaign to evoke a fun, fresh, positive approach to business IT. And because the campaign would literally be on the move, the messaging and graphics needed to be simple, easy-to-read and eye-catching.

The campaign we created shows Marco techs so local, they’re right in your backyard. The transit ads feature happy faces peering over a fence, ready to help. Because that’s what neighbors do.

Here’s a look at the finished product.

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