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12 questions for your Discovery Meeting

An effective Discovery Meeting is critical to the success of any project.

A Discovery Meeting is typically a two- to four-hour session for the agency staff and client representatives to initiate an intense download of information that captures important historical perspective, uncovers key marketing information, determines project scope details and clarifies project roles. An effective Discovery Meeting helps increase project ROI by saving time, money and energy in the long run. The information gathered in a Discovery Meeting creates a roadmap that will guide the project from start to finish. (Read 4 reasons why a Discovery Meeting is critical to project success.)

Whether you’re sitting in an agency seat or driving accountability from the client side, you can ensure a productive and insightful conversation in the Discovery Meeting with these 12 thought-provoking questions and prompts.

  1. Fill in the blank: “At [your company’s name], we provide _____________ via / with ___________________ so that _________________ seeking __________________ can achieve ______________________.”
  2. What problems are you solving for your customers?
  3. What does your business do that no one else can?
  4. Who or what is your indirect and direct competition?
  5. What frequently asked questions do you receive from customers about your product or service?
  6. Describe your current sales funnel.
  7. How would you describe your ideal customer?
  8. What is the greatest concern for your industry? The greatest opportunity?
  9. Six months from now, our partnership will be successful if ___________________________.
  10. What metrics are you responsible for?
  11. How are you currently measuring the ROI of your marketing efforts? What does it tell you?
  12. If you had a bumper sticker on your car for your business, what would it say?

Investing time and energy in a Discovery Meeting will help define the direction, purpose and metrics of the initiative. Skip the Discovery Meeting and you’ll likely be revisiting important details throughout the project lifecycle. Include questions like those above, and the Discovery Meeting will yield a clear understanding of the organization’s needs and how you can help solve them.  

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