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An honest talk about your logo

Can we have an honest talk about your company logo?

 We know how much you love it. But, if it’s over seven years old, it’s more than likely outdated.

It probably fit your brand perfectly when it was first created. But times change. And your business has probably changed, too. Even top brands like Pepsi, Apple and Google update their branding on a regular basis to stay fresh and relevant.

Common reasons logos need updates.

1. They come from humble beginnings.

Many companies that are just starting out don’t have the funds or the foresight to have a logo professionally designed. They might create something themselves—or have a friend or relative give it their best shot. It may do the job at the time but, at some point, an update is needed to give the brand a more professional image.

2. They haven’t evolved with the company.

Brands are like people. They often change as they mature and evolve. The logo you had ten years ago might not align with the company you’ve become today. Maybe you’ve pivoted and moved into new industries or lines of business. Maybe your audience has changed…or your mission has evolved. Maybe your competition is new. Any of these changes warrant a second look at your branding. An updated logo will communicate your evolution to customers.

3. They’re too complex.

The best logos are often the simplest. If your logo has too many intricate elements, the details get lost when it’s minimized to the size of a social media profile or when it’s placed in a small digital ad. Complex logos can also cause headaches when you’re printing branded clothing or other promotional merchandise.

4. They’re simply outdated.

Italicized text or chunky, bubble lettering may have been in style at one point, but times and graphic trends change. Your logo may be built around design elements that have long since faded into nostalgia. Rather than creating something to match current trends, the best branding takes a more timeless approach. Even then, your logo may need occasional updates to keep it relevant to your customers and true to your evolving brand. 

A few branding before and afters.

Here are a few logos we created to better align the branding with the company’s evolving vision.

Eich Logo Before and After
Berger Custom Woodworks Logo Before and After
Instant Inventory Service Logo Before and After

Ready to updated your branding so your logo reflects your best you?

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