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A dragonfly takes flight

Dragonfly Organic Mosquito Elimination

If you live in the midwest, you know all about mosquitoes. Our client developed an innovative way to eliminate them all season. But not with stinky sprays or harsh lawn chemicals. This environmentalist created an organic solution. But, before the company could take its organic process to market, it needed a name and logo. Our client wanted the brand to convey a combination of strength (the mosquito larvae don’t have a chance) and gentleness (it’s completely safe for humans and the environment).

We chose the name Dragonfly because they’re a natural predator of mosquitoes. The new brand features a bold, rounded font to capture the strength and grace of the dragonfly. We incorporated a shield to signify protection and a star that represents the mosquito. And, we used dual shades of green to reflect the organic properties of the product. We built out the brand with messaging and an overall look for its promotional materials and web presence.

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