On the Grow

Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation

The Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation (GSDC) wanted to create a brand that captured our area’s propensity for growth. The logo was for the Corporation’s On the Grow initiative. We created a logo using a box-like “G” that complements (and ties back to) the look of the GSDC’s logo. The “G” incorporates an upward arrow that represents growth. We also developed a brand story and ad that highlight what makes the greater St. Cloud region so amazing.

Branding Hazard

Hazard Consulting Branding

When Hazard Consulting came to us wanting a brand identity, we saw it as a great opportunity to spin the attributes of the name in a fun, positive way. We wanted to create a brand that evokes power, energy, speed and excitement. We designed a logo that features a stylized lightning bolt, which also mimics the letter H. We added a gradient to the graphic element to give it depth, and we chose colors that softened the overall feel.

Life, handled with care

Arise Cares

Arise Home Health Care had some branding challenges. Over the last 15 years, its services and its clientele had changed. It wanted a new name, logo, tagline and collateral pieces that better reflect its ability to provide quality care wherever their clients were. The logo incorporates its signature sun into a locator icon to represent that Arise is the place for care right where you need it. The company also changed its name to Arise Cares, which pretty much says it all.

Keeping alumnae connected

College of Saint Benedict

Three times a year, the College of Saint Benedict publishes a magazine that’s sent to friends and alumnae. We entered the design of the Fall 2015 magazine in the American Advertising Federation’s Award competition and took home gold. It’s great to get recognized for your work. But, the real reward is getting the thumbs up from the client for hitting the mark.

A year in review

Falcon National Bank Annual Report

Falcon National Bank wanted a fresh format for its Annual Report that was less bulky and more engaging. We gave them a new condensed layout that featured two of the banks beloved icons on the front: CEO John Herges and the familiar glass exterior of the bank’s downtown office. There was still plenty of room to highlight all of the exciting events of 2015.

Elevate your smile

Lawson Family Dental Website

Lawson Family Dental came to us with an aging website that needed a fresh look. The client loved their whimsical identity and wanted the new site to reflect the fun and friendly personality of their brand. We gave their logo a few personalized tweaks and carried the new look over to a clean and user friendly website.

See how they shine

College of Saint Benedict Illuminating Lives Folder

The College of Saint Benedict wanted a signature piece to launch its Illuminating Lives Campaign. The piece will give donors, board of directors and community members a snap shot of what sets the college apart as well as highlight the initiatives of the multi-year, nine-figure campaign. The design incorporates brand colors and elements of illumination, which include an embossed flame lighting the cover and inside panel.

The original search engine

College of Saint Benedict/St John’s University

The College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University came to us with a challenge. How do you get college kids—who’ve grown accustomed to searching for all of their information online—to go to the library? The result was a campaign called Get Smart that highlights the benefits of tapping into these still-very-relevant campus resources.

Empowering good things

Marco Campaign

Being good at what you love is a powerful thing…and certainly worth sharing. Which is why Marco wanted to create a new marketing campaign focused around its penchant for empowerment. The campaign, which also included a new tagline, illustrates how Marco empowers its employees, customers and communities to work smarter, dream bigger, and go further.

Great expectations

College of Saint Benedict
Saint John’s University

When the College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University needed an extra set of design hands for its Push Play Performing Arts Series materials, we also got an opportunity to take a fresh look at the program’s logo and theme. The result was Expect Wow. The new theme launched June 2015. We expect this season and seasons to come to deliver everything it promises.

Something to smile about

Tim Jacobson Website & Stationery

When you specialize in helping people look as fabulous on the outside as they are on the inside, your marketing should follow suit. Tim Jacobson Dentistry needed a website that better reflected their mad dental skills and professional image. We freshened up their logo and marketing materials and created a clean and simple site that highlights their experienced staff and happy clients. The results are making everyone smile.

A slice of the big apple

Awesome Client

When you’re hosting a high profile leadership summit in New York, naturally you want to take your  special guests out for a bite. Our client asked us to create a logo and theme that spotlighted a dozen different destinations where meet and greet dinners would take place. The Experience NYC series includes event information, brief descriptions about each trendy restaurant, and trivia bits about New York.

Adding fresh ingredients to a classic

House of Pizza Website

2014 was a big year for the House of Pizza. The local favorite—that’s consistently voted Best Pizza in Central Minnesota—celebrated 50 years of serving up its signature thin-crust deliciousness. To ring in the new half century, we gave their website a fresh look based on their iconic logo with mobile compatibility, more user-friendly navigation, and lots of melted cheese.

Planting the right seeds

Faraway Farms

One of our clients had a dream—to create a line of locally grown produce and sweet-smelling skin care products that empowered customers to live a healthier lifestyle. The owner wanted to create a brand that captured this fun farm-to-table (or farm-to-tub) experience. We created a family of logos that will be used as the business grows and expands. Because with the right brand identity, success is never too far away.

The ultimate rebranding

Ultimate Sports Bar Website

The Ultimate Sports Bar wanted to distinguish itself as the area’s “true” sports bar because of its second-to-none coverage of televised sporting events. Our rebranding efforts included a new logo, website, and menu that evoke a major league feel and an action-packed spectator experience. Now all the bar needs is for our Minnesota teams to put some numbers in the win column.

Journey to the Summit

Wolters Kluwer Financial Services

When you’re a highly respected brand in your industry, you don’t play small when it comes to your flagship products. So, when Wolters Kluwer Financial Services hosts a User Summit for its top two software programs, it’s billed as the training event of the year. To help make that happen, we create a new logo, theme, website graphics, collateral materials, signage, and a consistent series of communications leading up to the event each year. 2014 was another success.

Capping off a good thing

Capmation Web Design

Capmation is a group of smarty pants web developers who do everything from create apps to tackle a company’s enterprise architecture. It’s complicated stuff. But, Capmation needed us to tell their story in a simple way. So we created a website (along with a revised logo) that breaks it all down into easy-to-digest copy and graphics. Because you shouldn’t have to be a wiz in computer science to know you need a good one.

more skin

Skin Salvy

In an industry where artificial ingredients are the norm, Skin Salvy took a refreshingly different path and developed a line of all-natural skin care products. Although these quality products gained moderate traction in several markets, owners Lisa and Dave Snyder felt an updated look would only add to their success. We created new logo, product packaging and a new men’s line. The response from customers proves that savvy branding makes all the difference.

Lighting a flame of hope

Light the Legacy

In 2011, Light the Legacy wanted to implement a pilot project establishing its Honoring Choices-based program in Central Minnesota. But first it needed a logo. One that captured the true spirit of the organization’s mission. We did the logo project pro-bono, because sometimes the best return on your investment comes from giving others the opportunity to shine brighter.