Glenn Richards

Partner. CEO. Designer. Fashion Compass.

That’s right. Midwesterners wear collars that big. They’ll even throw on a wrestling singlet when duty calls. Because men like Glenn are comfortable in their skin. This fashion-mista can design circles around others in his field. This is just who you want taking a good hard look at your marketing. He’ll give it to you straight. Without any corporate speak. Without blowing wind in places where wind shouldn’t be blown. And when his creative strategy nails it, don’t expect a hug. A simple handshake will do just fine.

Sara Mohs

Partner. Copywriter. Bunny Hugger.

We’d love to find the source of Sara’s fountain of optimism (so we could bend a big kink in the hose when need be). It could be her new meditation app. Or all of the chocolate we keep in the conference room. Or growing up the last of 11 kids where she learned to make the best of funky hand-me-downs and bad bowl-cuts. Whatever it is, it’s good news for our clients. Because where others see small budgets and big hurdles, Sara sees the unlimited potential of a glass half-full. That’s bound to create good vibes from your customers…and put a little “om” in your bottom line.

Zach Arvidson

Designer. Sugar Addict.
Branding Gangsta.

Don’t let the tassled handle bars fool you. Zach may look like the boy next door but, when it comes to design, he’s a branding gangsta. Back in Howard Lake, his homies call him Dr Identity. His logos are slammin’, yo. Off-the-hinges tight. The only thing Dr ID likes more than a branding challenge is a super-sized bag of Gushers® chased by a mega Pixie Stix®. This gangsta loves his sugar. Ain’t nothing he can’t do with a handful of Skittles® and a pimped-out version of Adobe Creative Suite.