Coffee beans on a mission

We just finished up collateral materials for Youngevity, a California-based company that offers a variety of healthy lifestyle products. The pieces we created are for Youngevity’s line of amazing coffees. They’re amazing for two reasons. First, they’re quadruple certified (organic, fair trade, rainforest alliance, and bird friendly). Next, all of the profits go to Youngevity’s… Read more »

The original search engine

Last year the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University came to us with a challenge. How do you get college kids—who’ve grown accustomed to searching for all of their information online—to go to the library? The result was a campaign called Get Smart that highlights the benefits of tapping into these still-very-relevant campus… Read more »

Welcome Zach Arvidson

We’re excited to welcome Zach Arvidson as our new designer and resident independent hip hop authority. Zach hails from Howard Lake and brings a slew of design experience, including running his own shop for 5 years. He earned a B.A. in Graphic Design from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire in 2009 and has since created… Read more »

What is branding anyway?

Gearbox Creative Branding Blog

It’s the “it” word in advertising. Everyone wants to talk about branding. Some companies even employ “brand champions” whose primary purpose is to patrol the borders of an organization’s brand-ness to make sure nothing is inching over the lines. But, what does that mean? What is a brand? Is it the logo? The tagline? A… Read more »

Truth in advertising

Gearbox Truth in Advertising St. Cloud

by Sara Mohs When I tell people I’m a writer, they usually assume I’m a novelist. “What sort of stories do you write?” they ask. “I’m in advertising,” I say, inserting a sharp pin into their bubble of high expectations. “That’s too bad,” they say. (Okay, they don’t actually say that. In so many words.)… Read more »